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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  September 22, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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ktvu fox 2news at noon starts now. good afternoon. i'm guessing a mikaelian. -- gasia mikaelian. sky foxes over the scene of the shooting in san leandro. investigators say deputy saw the shooting happened at 10:15 this morning. the deputy tried to catch the gunman but he got away. the victim was taken to the hospital. that person's condition is not known. a deadly crash at an
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east bay jim. one woman was killed in a number of women injured as they were exercising. >> reporter: good afternoon. livermore police say they will be here for the early part of yesterday -- the afternoon. you can see the crews cleaning up the mess. the car that plowed into this jim is being loaded onto a flat and will be removed shortly. we spoke with employees and people that attend the gym, and they were shaken up. police say this happened before 6:30 this morning. they say an 80-year-old woman was trying to park her car in front of the gym off e. stanley blvd. when police say she mistook the brakes for the gas. car went barreling through the gym stores -- jim's doors --
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jim -- gym's doors. the tragedy is that a 49-year- old woman was killed.>> the glass doors were obviously knocked down. she ended up missing the support beams to the second level, drove in between them through glass windows or doors where the people were in the classroom. then she hit the wall. >> reporter: just to be clear, it does not appear drugs or alcohol were factors. it appears accidental. it will be up to the da to see if charges will be filed. the car the woman was driving is a mercedes. the driver was not injured but she is very shaken up over what happened. the same can be said for gym
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members who heard about what happened. err i had someone very close to me in her 80s it comes here. i think about that. i think about how the accident will affect her and her ability to feel safe coming here. i look at myself going, someday, i hope tragedy will not happen to me, but someday i will be unable to be alert and focused when driving or parking. this is very, comes home to me.>> reporter: police say the group in the fitness class knows each other and has been coming here several years. again, police are expected to be here for the early part of the afternoon. they say the building itself is safe, but it remains unclear when the gym will reopen.>> stanley is a major street, and
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it was blocked off for the investigation.>> reporter: when we arrived earlier this morning, traffic was flowing through here. stanley is open for traffic. in terms of this gym, it is unclear when it will reopen. alameda county deputy shot and killed an armed man this morning, closing off the freeway. as alex savidge explains, a long chase letup to gunfire. >> reporter: a violent and to a bazaar pursuit. in this alley off to 38 in san leandro, an armed man was killed during a shootout with alameda county sheriff's deputies. investigators say he had carried out a string of crimes starting with a drive-by shooting in oakland. he then led police on a pursuit, driving the wrong way on the freeway before ditching his car and running along
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highway 238. authorities say he opened fire on a chp officer who tried to take him into custody. the officer was not hit, but a bullet struck a car. that's when the man ran off the freeway into this alley and exchanged gunfire with deputies. >> it seems like he was involved in his own real-life game of grand theft auto. except he was using real bullets and has real confidences.>> reporter: the man who died was clearly desperate to get away this morning. it is incredible that no deputies or innocent people were hurt. as investigators investigated, the freeway on-ramp and offramp were shut down, leading to minor delays on 238. the man killed by deputies has not been identified. investigators will only say he was in his early 30s, and they say he had an extensive violent
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criminal history. alex savidge, ktvu fox 2news. two police officers in monterey county are recovering after a deadly officer involved shooting that happened in front of the target store. officers say they were trying to serve warrants when two men opened fire on them. they returned fire, killing the two say the officers wounds are not life-threatening. now the da's office is investigating. the city council is considering a proposal that would stop alcohol sales after halftime at 49ers games. this comes after a post game fight where four fans were arrested for attacking a vikings fan. now at least two councilmembers want to send a message to fans. the three men at the fight have been charged with felony assault. an effort is being made to
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make it easier for students to report sexual assaults in san francisco. the police chief and district attorney announced an agreement with police at usf and ucsf, spelling out how the agencies should coordinate and help students who say they have been were salted -- assaulted. >> students need to feel safe. through efforts like this, we can contribute to making our campuses safer.>> the agreement stems from a law that kicked in july one requiring all state- funded campuses to report sex crimes to police. more agreements are expected to follow at san francisco state, city college, the academy of art university, golden gate university, and uc hastings. the latest on the deadly valley fire. it is now 75% contained and has burned through 76,000 acres, destroying more than 1200 homes
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and 600 other buildings. this is the third worst wildfire in state history in terms of homes and buildings loss. the outpouring of help for the victims has been one of the bright spots. there are also some hard feelings about how the red cross handled the situation. at the napa valley fairgrounds, local volunteers cooked food and organized the donations people were dropping off after the valley fire forced evacuation. when the red cross arrived and took over, volunteers say they were stunned when the red cross tried to shut down donations, saying they would only accept cash.>> they told us that we were doing this illegally because they were managing the site. >> with the safety regulations we are under to respond to an issue like this, we have to be careful about what we give to folks in the shelter. >> the red cross insists it's
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mission is to 10 to essential needs, and they can be overwhelmed by the expense and responsibility of donated items. there will be a concert to benefit the victims of the fire from 2 pm to 8 pm sunday. now to our coverage of the papal visit. hope francis will be landing any minute in the united states. he wrapped up a stop in cuba this morning. we do have pictures here of the people who are gathered to greet him once he does land in washington dc. he is set to arrive within the hour and meet with president obama. this is the crowd that has gathered for his arrival at joint base andrews. there is a high school band waiting to greet him. the president and vice
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president and their wives are also present. this is part of a 10 day tour of cuba and the united states. steve harrington with more on what the code -- pope did in cuba.>> reporter: pope francis wraps up his visit to cuba, the holy father celebrating mass one last time. francis praying at the shrine monday. >> mother of reconciliation, bring your people dispersed throughout the world together. make the cuban nation a home for brothers and sisters so people open wide their minds, their hearts, and their lives to christ.>> reporter: reconciliation and togetherness, hallmarks of the popes tour. the pontiff helping facilitate restore diplomatic ties between the two countries. something the vatican says he will continue to support. >> the decision to make a trip
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to both countries truly is a very strong message to encourage this process. it needs to continue subsequent steps. >> reporter: president and mrs. obama will greet pope francis arrives in washington, where he will address congress and celebrate mass. the secret service is tasked with the hopes protection in the us, and security will be tight as crowds gathered to see him. >> i think everybody is collectively feeling the excitement of having the pope. and the long days and hours of work are coming together to bring a wonderful event to fruition. >> reporter: the pope will then visit new york and philadelphia. steve harrigan, fox news. when the pope's here, some of the food expected be served will be from a marin county bakery, the rustic bakery. the owner says an airline
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company sent samples to the vatican chef. moriarty is in dc for the visit today. we will have her live for you this afternoon. you will also find a special section on the papal visit on the papal a man breaks in the homes in the middle of the night. how they turned the tables on him. a cool down around the bay today. we will find out how long it will last. it might soon be legal for bicyclists to do something despite some concerns. coming up next.
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a family in southern california turned the tables on an intruder this morning after he tried to break into their home. the family wasted no time letting him know he picked the wrong house.>> reporter: face down and tied up with the studio court. that's how lapd officers found their suspect after he had then taken down by the north hills family who say the stranger wandered into their home at 2:00 this morning and began attacking them. >> i don't know this guy. he is a stranger.>> he tried to
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get inside the house. with a knife. and a hammer. and pepper spray.>> reporter: according to family, the stranger was wearing plastic gloves and rambling incoherently and was in a violent rage. >> the gentleman produced a life and a hammer and started hitting the victim in the head.>> reporter: hit him he did, smashing in his forehead with that hammer. he simultaneously tried to stab him. when the rest of the family woke up to the sound of screaming, they turned the tables on their attacker and brought him down.>> you have to protect your home. they didn't go overboard, they just caught him up and held them down and did an excellent job. he picked the wrong house.>> family says the man who was hit in the head has a fractured skull and will need surgery. the suspect has not yet been
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identified. closer to home, police released the sketch of a man they say punched in robbed a mother out walking with her baby in a stroller. the suspect is latino, in his 20s, 5 feet 3-5 foot six with a stocky build. it happened in front of the busy coffee shop. police say the mother was bent over the stroller tending to her child when she was attacked.>> she felt somebody tugging at her purse. the person then punched her in the side of the head and rip the purse offer shoulder and ran away. >> reporter: witnesses rushed to help the woman. she suffered cuts to her ear. police say this appears to be an isolated incident, but they are stepping up patrols. a new law for bicyclists is being considered today. it would call for police to look the other way if bicyclists don't stop at stop
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signs. >> reporter: drivers and cyclists share the roads in san francisco. but the relationship between the two is not always happy. >> right now there is a car parked in the green bike box, violating the right-of-way. he should have stayed out of it. we all have rights and responsibilities.>> reporter: drivers have long complained about cyclists breaking the law, too. cyclists say it's not always practical or safe to do that. err we are not 2000 pounds ups deal. -- of steel.>> it's -- if it's not safe to stop, i won't stop.>> reporter: a new law sides with cyclists. the law would encourage police to let cyclists treat stop signs as yield signs. california state law says cyclists have to stop at all stop signs.
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the supervisors can tell police to make those rolling stops a very low priority offense.>> i ride my bike a lot, and i drive a car a lot. i feel like the same law should apply. even though losing your momentum is annoying on a bike, i think for safety sake -- safety's sake, consistency is important. orr do you always stop? >> i should. i always looking check. to me it would make a lot more sense to have that law.>> reporter: bikers and pedestrian worry it will lead to collisions. >> it is not good.>> you don't think it would make you safer? >> not at all. >> reporter: the measure should be voted on this afternoon. in san francisco, allie rasmus,
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ktvu news. thank goodness it has cooled down from yesterday.>> fall has arrived a day early. a significant cooldown on this final day of summer. blue skies, good air quality and, wow, what a difference. i will show you storm tracker two, not picking up on rain, but clipped picking -- up on klausen fog. it still is very -- in the east bay, we have partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. along the coast, it could stay that way for the entire day. sea breezes anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour. in places it has gusted up to 30 miles an hour. take a look at the temperature change in these areas. santa rosa is down by 24 degrees
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. napa fairfield, your 19 degrees cooler than where you were 24 hours ago. even around the bay, down by 18 and 19 degrees in areas around oakland and hayward with clouds overhead. here is a look at the numbers for your lunchtime. 59 san francisco, 59 half-moon bay. 75 in san jose. as we go inland, mid to upper 70s. 78 in livermore, 71, fairfield. the north bay is 64 degrees. 66 for napa. your forecast for tuesday, the mid-60s to mid 80s inland. it will feel quite different with mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. 80 in sonoma, 80 in napa. upper 70s for san rafael. low to mid 80s in and around danville.
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the farther inland you go, the warmer you will be. as we get into the south bay, 80 degrees san jose, low 80s morgan hill. 74 in santa cruz. 70 for san bruno. the extended forecast here, temperatures will hold steady for the first day of fall. then a quick rebound as we get into the second part of your business week. upper 80s to near 90. back into the forecast of our inland cities. it does not hold as we get into the bay area weekend.>> i have been waiting for today. we had some hot weather. volkswagen is saying, yes, it did cheat on emissions test. the fines the company is facing and the vehicles that are being recalled next.
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a rough day for stocks from the start this morning. just ahead of the close, we see the dow is down more than 200 points, 1 1/2%. that figure is down also on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq. volkswagen is facing $18 billion in fines after admitted -- admittedly cheating on
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emissions tests. software was designed to cheat omissions tests. the cars actually don't more than 40 times the legal limit of pollution. orr the standards are almost useless if the cars are not complying with them.>> volkswagen has stop selling the models with the cheating software. half 1 million cars are being recalled, including the vw beetle, golf, and jetta and audi and bmw cars. pandemonium celebrates his 30th birthday today. take a look at panda. a three-tiered ice cake at a protection center. in human years, he is about 100 years old. pendas are notoriously difficult to breed in
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captivity. but this panda has fathered more than 130 cubs, accounting for a quarter of the panda population. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. the pope should land within about 30 minutes. we will cut into programming to bring you his is sort arrival live -- his arrival live.
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>> hillary clinton opened the door so wide when collin asked about who should be on the $10 bill. >> there are a number of women. i was sort of amazed that the republicans couldn't think of one american woman. >> so you're going to call out all of the republicans for not having one. we asked you, you can't give us one. she doesn't even say one person. >> you are turning purple. >> bella thorne and bella hadid. before their plane took off, it was i guess taxiing out of the terminal


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